Team Development

3 reasons why conventional ‘team-building’ isn’t effective:

1. People know it’s different to the day job
2. It doesn’t link the things you learn with what you do back at the office
3. It’s competitive rather than cooperative

We prefer to call it Team Development

That’s working together and being motivated to understanding the goals of the other people in your team and then working together to meet the team goals.
Engagement is a win win for companies and the people who work for them;
people feel better and more motivated. As a result, they work more effectively so every major business measurement improves

Our approach

We use a combination of cerebral and outdoor activities and team development science that delivers an innovative approach that: builds engagement through creativity, collaboration and commitment; and drives performance using behavioural psychology to unlock your team’s potential.
You can choose to go off grid and digital-free to further enhance your experience as you go back to basics and start your neuro plasticity journey.

You can improve rapport, deepen relationships and enhance productivity
Your team will work more closely, engage with you and each other so that they hit the targets you agree together. It is a unique experience that you will remember for a long time. We use a little psychology and a lot of common sense to give you the formula that makes this work. We go beyond stormin norman and look at how and why people get on better. And then enable you to achieve more than you thought possible.
Evolve’s Team Development is ideal if you want to:

• confront problems, inspire success and unlock potential
• create space for open and honest talk, thoughts and feelings
• develop ‘get stuff done’ plans that help your team be the best they can be with a shared positive vision

How it works
Team Development uses a fresh approach to explore your teams’ Defining Moments, both good and bad. Based on the Insights Discovery colour energy model, the Evolve Team Development’s four-quadrant approach gives you the key to look at, plan and implement the most pressing and important issues for your team’s development. Together we will diagnose problems and opportunities, prevent failure and dramatically increase your ability to always inspire each other to want to be successful
What it can lead to
• improved relationships within your team.
• a new ability to confront problems head on in a positive, pragmatic and engaging way.
• People wanting to join and stay with your team, always get the job done and enjoy themselves whilst doing it
Team Development workshops:
1. Social and Pleasure – pure fun events designed to get people interacting and talking
2. Business, Social and Pleasure – fun and semi serious events where different
departments or businesses need to create stronger partnerships
3. Business and Challenge – the subject focuses on psychological teambuilding where people are working more closely in demanding situations.
Whichever option you choose we set the foundation based on an understanding of personality types. Based on that understanding we look at how the team members interact and then use experiential challenges to build practical understanding about high performance teamwork. Which means we use science to modify your behaviour that gets results.