Presentation Skills

The best presenters are calm, confident, clear and concise. Great presenters have a sprinkling of authentic magic that makes them stand out from the rest and are always remembered.

Improve your confidence, enhance your techniques and powerfully impact your audience

Why do we shy away from giving presentations? What is it about being on show that makes us freeze? How do you successfully overcome the voice in your head that fears being judged and change your mindset so that you are able to relax and look forward to your next presentation?

Evolve’s Presentation Skills is ideal if you want to:

• understand how to powerfully impact your audience
• create a presentation that stands out and is remembered
• develop techniques that give you control and immediately hook your audience

How it works

We will take you through a process that focuses on your emotional state and frame of mind and then looks to build on a firm foundation of self-belief and positive visualisation. This will transform you into a powerful and compelling communicator who uses personality and natural presence to give a compelling and memorable communication.

What it can lead to

• increased confidence and ability to influence others through powerful communications
• an ability to use a set of tools to make you more effective when speaking and presenting
• the use of a range of techniques to prepare high impact, audience focused presentations