Inspirational Sales Skills

People buy from people who they connect with and who have credibility – how do you ensure your people are seen in this light?

Improve sales, enhance credibility and drive performance

Success in sales comes from building relationships with all types of people and gaining their trust and effectively not selling to them in the traditional sense. The ability to connect with people is often seen as something you are born with; however, connecting with people is behaviour and behaviour can be taught.

Inspirational Sales Skills is ideal if you want to:

• Understand how the Consultative, product and solution selling models work on the ground
• Look at the sales cycle and prepare for areas where you are excellent and where you need to improve
• Hone your relationship and assessment skills to get the sales process working for you rather than getting in the way

How it works

Learning the techniques for serving your customers needs and giving them an effortless experience is a science and can be done by anyone with the right guidance. However, it is your ability to create consistent relationships based on trust and genuine understanding that mean people will want to come back, time and again. We will help you develop a strategy that is based on being authentic and really understanding what your customers want. 
What it can lead to

• Increased sales effectiveness as your relationships improve
• Repeat business as customers feel they are being truly served
• An increased perception in your standing as a trusted advisor