Emotional Intelligence

EQ becomes more and more important as your management and leadership responsibilities develop. It is the cornerstone you need to be able to influence people and manage relationships.

Improve awareness, enhance relationships and drive performance
At the heart of all communication is your ability to understand the perspectives of others and ensure there is clarity and empathy. By first understanding what your triggers are and knowing how to manage them, you can then ensure you really are able to appreciate someone else’s point of view and relate to them at every level.

EQ is ideal if you want to:

• develop an insight into what makes people tick
• create a better understanding of how to connect
• develop enhanced relationships that give back more over time

How it works
We help you to see where Emotional Intelligence fits as the ‘missing link’ in people effectiveness. By experiencing what the key elements of Emotional Intelligence are, through active self-reflection and targeted feedback, you will gain an awareness that proves invaluable in all aspects of life. You will learn about the distinction between emotion and feelings and how both can be harnessed to enhance any relationship.
What it can lead to

• Better communication through enhanced relationships
• Knowing how to control and direct emotion towards the achievement of tangible objectives
• Understanding how people are influenced by the ability to manage emotional states