Conflict Management

Managed Conflict is a positive force and it is vital to make sure every angle is covered before making that significant decision. Learn how to experience the benefits conflict brings and not just experience the fall out, pain and negativity

Improve awareness, enhance relationships and embrace difference
Where there is disagreement and differences of opinion, some of us relish speaking our mind; others prefer to keep quiet. When and how we choose what to say and do is context and personality dependent. Are the other person’s needs and views more important or more significant than our own? We need resolution and discussion without the rage and the my way or the highway brinkmanship
Evolve’s Conflict Management is ideal if you want to:
• learn how to successfully confront problems
• create space for open and honest dialogue
• develop a framework that consistently works when the stakes are high

How it works
Working with you, we develop a selection of real or true to life related scenarios and consider the worst and best approaches available. With a proven set of models at our fingertips we will give you the opportunity to practise safely what to do in any given situation. With a little practice you will be able to resolve the problem rather than explode or walk away.
What it can lead to

• Building better relationships with difficult or sensitive people and diffusing likely misunderstandings in the future
• Selecting the right behaviours to get agreement to move forward
• Holding difficult conversations will be much easier and less stressful